What We Do at AFCA + BS

Our Objectives & Offerings

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AFCA + BS conducts research on Asia and related topics, providing valuable insights and contributing to scholarly understanding.


We advocate for increased focus on Asia and South East Asia in Nigerian and African academic and policy circles.

Policy Dialogue

facilitates policy dialogue between scholars, policymakers, and other stakeholders on issues related to Asia and South East Asia.


AFCA + BS offers academic programs at different levels, including certificate, diploma, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies, providing opportunities for students to learn about Asia and South East Asia.

Exchange Programs

We provide exchange programs for scholars and students to travel between Nigeria, Africa, South East Asia, and Bangladesh, promoting cross-cultural learning and collaboration.

Workshops & Training

We conduct workshops and training programs to develop specialized skills and knowledge related to Asia and South East Asia, providing opportunities for professionals and students to learn from experts in the field.


AFCA + BS has been instrumental in providing funding and support for my research on Asian culture and society. Their commitment to promoting education and research on Asia in Nigeria and Africa is unparalleled.

Dr Ngozi K


Thanks to AFCA + BS, I had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program to South East Asia, where I was able to deepen my understanding of the region’s development model and culture

James N.Y


AFCA + BS’s policy dialogue forums have provided a much-needed platform for academics, policymakers, and other stakeholders to come together and discuss issues related to Asia and South East Asia

Nhur Mhan


We are focused on studying Asia and promoting educational exchange between Africa & Asia