by scriptech June 10, 2023

For just what good they performed all of them, Phil

For just what good they performed all of them, Phil

Collins is safe for the Senate for 5 1/2 more years. Dems could not overcome the lady with Obama or Biden on the vote. This is simply a parting chance to try to stain her win.

Then there is the truth the election was actually chosen by 42k votes blended in 3 reports out-of 12 million cast in states in which there were a lot of issues with VBM, unsupervised matters, ballot harvesting, unlawful ballots, etc.

You can also believe Trump will have acquired WI, GA and WI barring fraudulence, not to mention NV and PA.

Does not go the needle whatsoever, Wes but it is just another example how the media try 100% in leftist fight setting 24/7 365 era per year. They are relentless. Whenever one area manages the airways with the extent they are doing it really is an uphill conflict. Bad than I actually observed it and obtaining bad always.

I am not a Republican, and I also’m under no obligation to-be section of a gestalt POV about. We voted for Trump, but i possibly could determine through the day after the 2018 elections, he previously discovered nothing and had been touring to beat. (more…)