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For this reason, it’s pertinent to understand what circumstances are regarding the sexting certainly one of MSM

For this reason, it’s pertinent to understand what circumstances are regarding the sexting certainly one of MSM

Prior degree learned that sexting was associated with high-risk intimate situations and that people who have gender that have males (MSM) involved with more regular sexting than the heterosexual alternatives. This study looked the fresh dating between sensation-trying to, homosexual identity distress, and muscularity finest that have sexting practices. An on-line survey is applied to help you 355 and you can 448 18–34-year-old MSM into the Hong kong and you can Taiwan, correspondingly. As quantity of sexting lovers and regularity regarding sexting was indeed equivalent across the two regions, they had various other contacts with mental factors. When you look at the Hong kong, sensation-looking to is actually seriously linked to the number of sexting partners, during Taiwan, it was certainly pertaining to new regularity out-of sending sexts. For the Hong-kong, MSM have been much more confused about its intimate orientation had a lot fewer sexting lovers. In regions, MSM carrying a more powerful muscularity most readily useful and had alot more sexting couples. Homosexual name dilemma and you will muscularity greatest had been in the sexting not as much as pressure within the Taiwan; all three emotional circumstances concerned was for the sexting under some pressure in the Hong-kong. Full, such show showed that some MSM discover sexting is a good sensation-satisfying pastime, however was basically vulnerable to sexting under some pressure. Counseling services so you can MSM regarding their intimate term and you will matter to possess muscularity are necessary to avoid them regarding are subjects away from pushed sexting. In the long run, the newest inconsistent results for this new Hong-kong and you will Taiwanese examples conveyed the necessity of provided local specificity within the sexting lookup.


Sexting, identified as “sending or acquiring an intimately suggestive or sexually direct text message, a limited nude photographs or videos, otherwise a totally nude pictures otherwise movies” (Currin & Hubach, 2017, p. 413), have drawn scholarly interest since the very early 2010s (Kosenko mais aussi al., 2017). Sexting might have been repeatedly seen to be of risky sexual practices, such as non-safe sex and you will hit website more intimate people (Benotsch mais aussi al., 2013; Temple & Choi, 2014; Yeung mais aussi al., 2014). For this reason, it’s appropriate to understand what points try associated with the sexting behavior.

Sexting is frequently pertaining to kids if it is discussed during the previous literature (Mori ainsi que al., 2020). New principal discourse to teen sexting structures instance conclusion because the high-risk, deviant, and you can demanding instructional input and you can courtroom protection (Dir & Cyders, 2015). But not, certain students argue that sexting is one of the many regular and you will fit types of sexual expression regarding the digital years applicable not just to teens (Buric mais aussi al., 2021). Actually, empirical degree learned that sexting might possibly be both sexually satisfying and you can self-objectifying (Liong & Cheng, 2019).

Currin and you can Hubach (2017) noticed you to definitely lookup into sexting certainly guys who’ve sex that have people (MSM) primarily focused on teens, with little browse emphasizing mature MSM’s sexting habits. Furthermore, sexting search one of MSM could have been held prierica and you will Europe; select Currin & Hubach, 2017; Morelli mais aussi al., 2021). This study contributes to the newest broadening literature toward sexting because of the exploring 18–34-year-old MSM residing a couple of Eastern Far-eastern regions: Hong-kong and Taiwan. Social perceptions into homosexuality will vary around the these countries; therefore, sexting habits among MSM on these nations are needed so you can differ. This study explores exactly how feeling-trying to, title frustration, and you will muscularity better-aforementioned two of being for example strongly related to the fresh new MSM community-are regarding sexting.

Sexting: Voluntary or Under some pressure?

Van Ouytsel ainsi que al. (2018) debated to own an excellent nuanced perspective of sexting of the summarizing four requirements regarding sexting. First, sexting contained in this romantic relationships is utilized to follow prospective personal partners and please latest partners (Strohmaier mais aussi al., 2014). Into the cases of extended actual break up, such as for example in a lengthy-point relationship, sexting is used to keep up sexual wedding between couples (Walker et al., 2013). Second, sexting is employed to help you start off-line sex with folks apart from the lovers (Drouin mais aussi al., 2013). In many cases, sexting is utilized to exchange actual sex to stop maternity otherwise sexually sent problems (Chalfen, 2009). Third, somebody send sexts on account of peer pressure, which is for example commonplace certainly one of teenagers (Upreti, 2017). Studies have found a positive results of seeing peer pressure in order to sext and the intention so you can sext (Lee ainsi que al., 2016). Peer tension guides younger males into the sexting that have female while they manage or even end up being teased as being “gay” (Walker mais aussi al., 2013). In the long run, students exploring news socialization features contended the consumption of intimate media posts resembles sexting (Curnutt, 2012). Such as for example, the intake of pornography and sounds movies is actually seriously associated with sexting (Van Ouytsel mais aussi al., 2014).

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