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A Founder’s Guide on How to Find and Hire Developers for a Startup

There may be a lot of ideas, but they are empty words without implementation, which is impossible without a decent team. Software developers define the product and your company in the future. Each developer should bring vision, as well as knowledge and experience to the table.

Step 5: Assemble a Team

The reason is that when you turn to an outsourcing vendor, this is the party that handles most of the steps listed below (not you). This guide will help you find the right developer to work with your startup. These eight steps will help you make hiring software developers for startups a painless process.

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This is a big commitment as you’ll be issuing payouts not only for salaries. Time off, sick leaves, taxes, computers and software, as well as other obligatory employment expenses have to be taken into account. Plus, management and all the responsibility for coordinating the project is on you. With these three steps, you will be on your way to hire the right software developers and start growing your tech startup.

Advantages of Hiring Outsourced Developers for Startup Teams

In our experience, the right developer match, delivered quickly, can take your business from the drawing table to a successful, trouble-free launch. Now that you know how to find developers for startup projects, the key is to choose the right one from the candidates presented. If you’re fortunate, you’ll have more options than you need presented before you, and you can narrow it down by comparing resumes against the specific technical expertise you need. At ProCoders, we’re a Ukraine-based IT outsourcing firm dedicated to matching startups to the talent they need to succeed. To show you how it’s done, we’ve developed this report that will show you step by step how to find software developer for startup companies you’re developing.

Millennials in particular are looking to join organizations with a company culture they can believe in. Knowing where to look for talented developers and how to hire them is where your journey begins. The success sagas of companies like Automattic, Slack, and WordPress underscore the importance of syncing with find developers for startup the right tech talent, sourced globally. Use our pricing simulator to understand how cost can vary depending on your project’s size and complexity. Instead, they call themselves an “exclusive community of startup sidekicks” there to “help you find that extra pair of hands to be the hero of your story”.

CODERS.DEV has over seven years of experience as a team of reliable product developers, offering their services across fintech, healthcare and real estate projects. If you already know the ideal skill set, create a more specific list. If your startup requires the development of a tech platform, hiring an experienced hybrid developer might be essential to its success. As part of your startup project, you must know exactly which questions will help you secure the top software developers for your startup project.

  1. Structured interviews help remove potential bias, ensure that all candidates are assessed the same way, and promote a fair hiring process with better-suited hires.
  2. For that reason, as a non-technical-savvy person, you need to learn to vet and qualify the right software developer for your startup.
  3. Startups are often volatile and risky, which means that the flexibility of contractors (freelancers or companies) could be a major selling point.
  4. Our people plug directly into your project management systems and update meetings.
  5. He helped us out at the most hectic times with super complex tasks, had great can do attitude, and worked fast.

Ask questions, invite people out for coffee or lunch meetings and discover more about your industry’s leaders. It will amaze you how fast potential candidates may appear once your network grows! Once you have narrowed your choices, explain your business plan to each candidate. You should observe them to determine whether their management style suits you.

You can find both online and offline IT-conferences and networking meetings. If you have a chance, visit one of them and try to find and then hire some good developers with relevant experience. But if you’re limited in time and need a full team for a complex app, your safest bet is hiring a development agency.

Of course, if a project is innovative and interesting, this can attract talent who is intrigued by the opportunity to take part in creating something truly unique. Join 300,000+ entrepreneurs worldwide in learning the latest insights & tips you need to build a game-changing business. Technical knowledge, problem-solving, optimism, and pride are just a few aspects that a developer must have. To find an agency, you can use the same freelancing platforms mentioned before, and look for agencies in there. All you have to do is check “Agencies” within the “Talent Type” filter.

Such partnerships usually operate under an agreement that sets forth all conditions and expectations. Every project’s scope and duration should be communicated as early as possible to allow your team to establish an action plan and determine its logical framework. Julia Stanaro, Manager of Enterprise Account Solutions at Toptal, shares her responses to the most common questions posed by executives about the value of remote work. Then, you might ask candidates to take your assessment (more on that in the next section), before candidates meet with either a) the CTO/founder/another stakeholder and b) with the team. But so does the quality, so make sure you have a good assessment process in place.

Networking is the best way to discover a partner developer for your firm. Participate in regional business and startup events in your sector. This question will help you determine the best way to approach your project and find an app developer who can work with you in a startup environment that is suitable for you. We are an IT outsourcing company based in Ukraine that matches startups with the right talent. This report will help you find a coder for your startup company.

To find web developers for startups, you need to find talented team members who are fast, highly skilled, and have an appetite for the roller-coaster world of startups. Be it developers who you want to hire in-house or IT outsourcing vendors, you need to find the right match and be certain that you’re teaming up with professionals. Browse portfolios, look for referrals, give test assignments, ask questions, and don’t be shy to go through several rounds of interviews. The bottom line is that if you hire the wrong candidates, your startup won’t have the time and resources to spare on backpedaling, restructuring, and do-overs.

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