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Tapering Off Alcohol: Does It Work? Is it Safe?

This does not, by any means, mean that you have a 1% chance of a seizure if you taper with alcohol according to the schedule above. The actual percentage could be significantly higher for tapering with alcohol. I couldn’t locate a study on people who tapered at home with alcohol, because it’s kind of hard to assess the topic, and no rehabs are detoxing people with alcohol. The chance of experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms increases if you’ve had them before, or if you’re older. These schedules are largely based on my experience of self tapering, what I’ve read on r/dryalcoholics and HAMS Harm Reduction Guide to Tapering. The idea is to religiously take this like medicine for the next week or two.

How Long Does It Take To Taper Off Alcohol Safely?

  • Developing a proactive plan for tapering alcohol is an important step.
  • While it may be true that alcohol is still alcohol regardless of what drink it is in, your choice of drink can have a tremendous impact on how quickly you consume it.
  • After several days of 5 glasses of wine, you can reduce that down to 4.
  • Some find tapering is not a suitable option to stop drinking due to various factors such as social responsibilities or peer pressure.

A person may need to detox at home for many reasons, including cost or time. A direct taper means drinking the regular substance of choice but lowering the amount consumed daily. Someone should typically only direct taper if their drink of choice is beer with a low alcohol percentage.

Recognize Dangerous Withdrawal Symptoms

However, you may experience withdrawal symptoms or relapse if you’re not tapering correctly and safely. If you’ve been drinking for a long time, you may experience withdrawal symptoms when you quit drinking. Although you can use methods to taper off alcohol at home, the best way to taper is to talk to a doctor.

Avoiding the Symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

Whether you decide to taper down your alcohol use or safely begin with abstinence, having a sobriety toolkit and support system will be the most important factor towards success in reaching your goals. At Monument, you can join a free community of over 60,000 members also working to change their relationship with alcohol, and explore treatment options like therapy and medication to stop drinking. Getting curious about a life without alcohol is already an incredible step, and a healthier lifestyle is within reach. In outpatient settings, monitoring techniques and follow-up care are essential to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the tapering process. Comprehensive care includes education on withdrawal, maintaining a low-stimulation environment, and nutritional support. Medications such as benzodiazepines, gabapentin, or valproate may be used adjunctively to manage persistent symptoms and support the tapering process.

Minimized Risk of Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

  • It’s physically dangerous, and it may also cause emotional instability.
  • Alcohol influences this process by making GABA more powerful.
  • I know because I’ve done it and I’ve met others who have done it.
  • You can try support groups, therapy, psychiatrists, spiritual groups, and outpatient rehab services.
  • As AA says, “Always recovering, never recovered.” This destruction of self-efficacy is also why relapse in AA is so common.

Because AA uses a number of elementary brainwashing techniques, many people find that the damage which they have suffered as a result of attending AA continues to persist long after they have left AA. The primary brainwashing techniques which AA uses involve undermining your self efficacy by forcing you to admit that you are powerless (step one) and insane (step two). People are led to believe that alcohol is more powerful than they are–but that AA itself is a “Higher Power” which can rescue them. This leads to a total dependence on AA and a hysterical fear of anything which is not AA. The next section goes into detail about medications to help you reduce your drinking. Some people decide to buy a liter of whiskey and split it up into five 200 ml bottles.

Every person has unique needs, and tapering off may not be an adequate solution to reduce or stop drinking. Talk to a medical professional if you have any concerns about tapering off alcohol. They can provide recommendations to help you avoid harmful side effects.

alcohol tapering schedule

alcohol tapering schedule

The main neurotransmitter system involved in alcohol withdrawal is the GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) system. Simply put, GABA receptors cause a person to feel calm, relaxed or sleepy. This is why when people drink alcohol they will feel calm, relaxed, or sleepy.

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